If you have two loaves of bread sell one and buy flowers. For although the bread will nourish your body, the flowers will nourish your soul.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Making Headway

This week we actually had two, yes two, pretty days in a row. I spent the majority of both days in the flower beds. There's so much work to do and I'm so behind. Usually by this time we've had enough good outside days that the beds are cleaned of dead stuff and weeds. Not this year. It's been cold and rainy. Often. But as of Wednesday and Thursday about two thirds of the beds are now cleared and ready for planting.

Of course, I had all kinds of help. One of the days I had all three gk's helping.  (Note to self:  get more shovels. Everyone must have his or her own shovel.)  And after a lesson on what was and was not a weed, we did actually get some work accomplished. Although a good deal of time was spent on spotting and counting "wormies".
"Kids, don't hurt Grandma's wormies....they're good for the soil." 

I still have a ways to go. The largest one is untouched. 

Where are those helpers when I need them?

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