If you have two loaves of bread sell one and buy flowers. For although the bread will nourish your body, the flowers will nourish your soul.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Perfect Rose

I love flowers. I couldn't resist sharing this shot of my roses. Is this gorgeous or what? We planted this bush shortly after we bought our place 21 years ago, and I've long since forgotten the name of this variety. Note to serious beginning gardeners...keep a garden journal. Keep track of the names of the varieties you plant, make notes about how they do, etc. This will prove invaluable to you as you learn.

 The bleeding heart is also from my garden. This has been a wonderful spring for plants. Plenty of rain and sunshine, not too hot too soon. My beds are finally getting to be how i want them...mostly perennials with a few annuals mixed in, and nice and full. I've had to drag myself into bed more than a few nights. The old gray mare just ain't what she used to be! Speaking of rain, it just started to pour and the thunder is rumbling.

And did I mention, I love flowers?

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