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Monday, June 16, 2008

Time To Improvise

This Monday's CCEE challenge is to make a card for a fellow SCS'er whose user name is fun or unusual. The name is orangegymnut (i'd sure like to know the explanation behind that name), and the card must use orange and have something to do with a gym. Well, I have no stamps having to do with a gym...so I improvised. The Dolly Mama stamp I used has her carrying a case that reads "Is it hot in here?" (is that appropriate for me, or what? ha, ha, ha). Anyway, I cut out the stamped image, cutting it off at the waist, and cutting the case away from her hand. Next, I drew shorts and changed her shoes to tennis shoes. The barbell was drawn separately, cut out, and added to the image. The sentiment is computer generated.

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