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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Joys of My Heart...Part 1

i've decided this year to do a series of birthday posts honoring my four children. i'm doing this in the order of their birthdays in 2012. it is important that i point this out, because ranking is very important to them, as in who is the favorite son or daughter ;). each believes him or herself to be the favorite, and in this, they are all correct. each one is my very favorite. 

andrea kathleen has the first birthday, june 25. she is the second child, and second daughter. 

what a cutie patootie!

ready to start kindergarten... 

all too soon graduating from high school....

 with grandparents

1999 was a big year. she got married, finished a year of college, and became a mother.

 a four generation photo...andrea, grandma gamby, me, and little mikaela.

she has since blessed us with three grandchildren, and now owns her own photography studio.

in looking for photos, i realized i didn't have as many nice photos of her as i wanted. mainly because when i point a camera at her i often get this...

or this...

but i did manage to find some good ones.

doing what she does best...

happy birthday, sweetheart!