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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sometimes You Just Hafta!

Yesterday I had a few spare minutes and stopped at my local Salvation Army thrift store and there they were. Five plates that I knew were going to be an exact color match to the set of vintage creamy white, gold edged dishes I bought about a month agoDifferent pattern, different company, but so similar. They were only 45 cents apiece. But the real clincher was the monogram... an "M". 
Sometimes you just hafta.

The plate at the top is from the set I bought earlier, the bottom stack is the new set of 5 plates.  Perfect match. 

Stacked. Sorry about the camera strap, great photographer that I am.

monogrammed plate...The Salem China Company; Salem, Ohio;  pattern #9053, wreath monogram.

bottom plate...Triumph, American Limoges; Sebring, Ohio; Hollywood pattern; 22-K gold.


erin said...

what a good find and match!! thanks for stopping by my bloggy....

happy weekend,


Melody said...


Those plates are beautiful! Alex and I just bought china today and I feel so grown up :) How serindipidous to stumble upon your post! :)

Bill said...

Beautiful plates -- and a great match! You did well, didn't you? ;)

Thank you for the kind comment. Sorry to hear that you've fallen victim to the etched crystal collecting bug! Well, not really, it's a wonderful addiction! I don't want a cure, do you?

Have a great week!

VirginiaLlorca said...

Gorgeous stuff.

Charlene Merrick (LilLuvsStampin) said...

Hi, Deb! Swinging by to check in and see how you've been, and I see you've been a very, very busy woman! The dishes are so pretty!