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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Self Control and the Lack Thereof

I try to get to a flea market/thrift store about once a week and have found a lot of little, useful, fun things lately. I'm keeping my eyes open for table setting items. Like linens, napkin rings, crystal, dishes, etc.  The dish part is the most difficult for me to control. Pretty dishes are a real weakness. But they're also the hardest to find storage room for. So I really do try to use self control. Try being the key word here. I stopped in at the local salvation army thrift store a week ago and saw this set of dishes. 43 pieces for $20. In excellent shape. Which is rare for older sets rimmed in gold or silver. It's usually worn. Normally I'm not drawn to anything retro but these really appealed to me. However, my practical side won out. I don't have room. Went home without them. 
But they kept calling my name. Decided to go back for them, but things kept interfering.  If they were sold, I just wasn't supposed to have them. I finally stopped in yesterday. And they were marked down to $15. Need I say more?

I love the handles on the covered vegetable bowl and sugar bowl lids. 

I almost passed up a bag of very 80's dusty rose and mauve napkins rings for 75 cents. But then I realized...they're wooden...I can spray paint them any color I want. I even have some different metallic paints.  That might be a possibility...


LearningByReading said...

Catchy post title. Why didnt I think of that? May I use it? :)
I guess Self Control and the lack of it are forces that are always in opposition. Thanks for article.

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