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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The White Sofa

We needed a new sofa. Desperately. The one we'd had for the last 6 or 7 years was pretty shot...ripped armrest, sagging springs and squished foam cushions. But it had been a freeby and served us well.  Although hubby is back to work after being laid off for a year and a half, we're not quite ready yet to buy a new one. We found a used one in excellent condition, but it was....white. A creamy white, but white.  You have to understand. Our living room is our everything room. We have no "family room".  We eat, watch tv, entertain, have visiting grandkiddies and granddogs in this room. I said to hubby, "It's pretty, it's comfortable, it's in excellent condition, the price is right, but it's....white! So very not practical."
A week went by and we both kept thinking about that couch. So we bought it. It really does look nice in the room and it's so comfortable.  There are new sofa rules. No food and no dogs!

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Mi11s said...

You do know that the best part of this picture in my Ram mount on the wall right? lol