If you have two loaves of bread sell one and buy flowers. For although the bread will nourish your body, the flowers will nourish your soul.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Playing In the Dirt

there are not too many things i love to do more than gardening. i love being outside. i love being surrounded by beautiful growing things. i love watching the transformation from bare to lush. i love the feel of working in the dirt. (i hate wearing gloves, so i will never have pretty nails. i had them once... for my wedding. i wanted the traditional hands and rings photo.) i love coming in at night tired and dirty. and i am by no means a workaholic. you should see my house right now. but if it's nice outside, there's where i want to be. 
besides the beds, i've been filling every pot i can find with flowers or herbs. they are a little easier to control and maintain, especially if you have a dry season. 

pots have been filled with pansies....

'penny mickey' violas...

cats and kittens (or hens and chicks)....

and 'contessa burgandy bicolor' ivy geraniums.

i planted my three patio urns with spikes, bacopa and 'aloha purple sky' calibrachoa (my new favorite flower). i love how full it is and it grows like crazy. i'm anxious to see how it does throughout the season. 

the hanging basket, which i got for $5 at a yard sale (which i think was actually part of a light fixture), is planted with 'lanai upright purple mosaic' verbena and proven winners 'supertunia bordeaux' petunias.

the large pots at either side of the side door have spike plants, 'vintage mix' stock, 'sophistica antique shades' petunias, 'blush' euphorbia, and 'blackie' sweet potatoe vine.

i bought this galvinized metal carrier(?) at a flea market last year for $3, and had been just using it to hold garden tools, etc.

this spring i decided to plant it with 'dahlinova lisa white' dahlias and 'plum vein' calibrachoa.

i have to tell you a bacopa story. i could never remember whether it was pronounced 'bacopa' or 'bocapa'.  so one year we were at ashcombes, one of my sisters (i think it was jan) said..."you know deb"...(and the rest is sung to barry manilow's song copa cabana)..."at ba-co-pa, co-pa ca-ba-na, the hottest spot north of ha-va-na."   
i still have to sing that song every single time i see that flower, but now i pronounce it correctly.


Leslie Miller said...

Oh, you know we are kindred spirits, don't you? Beautiful! I can't wait to see more. I'll just go have a look around...

Erika Jean said...

Visiting via the "next blog" button. Nice flowers and pictures!! ;-)