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Sunday, May 20, 2012

National Pike Festival

be still my heart. about 7-8 miles of yard sales and 2 beautiful days. this weekend was the national pike festival in my area. i haven't been yard saling for a long time. i took friday morning and hit almost every one. then hubby and i went out again saturday morning and there were even more yard sales set up. found a few neat things and good buys. here's my loot.

 *a very nice quality artificial winter wreath which i will tweak when the time comes ($4)

*a like new heavy duty tote which will be used for toting craft supplies ($3)
*a handled divided glass serving platter ($2)
*a lidded glass cracker jar ($2)

*6 etched glasses ($1)

*glass doorknobs (i have a few ideas) ($3)
*a yellow fiesta style bowl for my sister-in-law ($1)
*dollhouse furniture for my daughter (50 cents)

*silverplate utensils (50 cents)
*a mesh organizer tray (50 cents)

*old christmas ornaments ($3)

*a glass decanter ($1)

*4 oneida salad plates ($7)

i love these whimsical plates. they will look great mixed with my black and white.  the pattern is called "chefs to go".

*small vase ($1)

not pictured...
*a brand new decorative outdoor flag ($5)
*a starter spider plant ($1)
*a large clay flower pot ($1)

...for a grand total of $36.50.  when you consider that the brand new large stillinthesealedbag flag that i got for $5 normally sells for $20, i did pretty well.

the elderly woman i bought this from called it a "cracker jar". it's extremely heavy. here it is cleaned and filled with pretzels for now.  it has endless possibilities...cookies or crackers, soaps in the bathroom, etc....

i love having pretty serving platters. this will be great filled with different kinds of pickles and olives. 

love these etched glasses. aren't they pretty all cleaned up?

a great weekend!


Kristin said...

Lots of great finds, Deb! Lovely post :)

Leslie Miller said...

What a haul! I enjoyed this post a LOT, Deb. Really love the salad plates. Wonder if the cracker jar is lead crystal, being so heavy. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and left a comment. I've lost track of a lot of people, but I'm going to stop by here more often. Your blog is exactly what I'm in the mood for these days. Thank you!