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Monday, November 14, 2011

Rake the Leaves, Or Shovel the Snow?

i would certainly be remiss in leaving the month of october without documenting the earliest snowfall i can remember. on friday the 28th, gary said, "you know, they're calling for snow tomorrow".   snow????!!!!!!!!!    it's october. the mummers parade is tomorrow. it can't snow on mummers parade day!
well, yes it can. 5 inches worth. the parade was cancelled. it's never been cancelled before. 

my pics aren't that great. we waited too late in the day to go for a drive and the light wasn't good. plus, the snow had started falling off the trees and shrubs. it was a heavy, wet snow, and because most of the leaves were still on the trees it caused a lot of damage in the east from breaking limbs. it was a very pretty snow though.

that mound is my seven foot tall ornamental grass. or was. 

now here's the weird part. we took a drive to see the snow, heading towards the mountain. on the other side is a small town, and here's what we saw.

nothing. no snow. as we looked, you could see a light dusting on the cars and roofs. but for all intents and purposes, it didn't snow in this town. looking back at the mountain, you could see the line of demarcation.

now, in and of itself, this is not unusual. it oftens rains or snows on one side of the mountain and not on the other.  what is weird is that this snowless state lasts only about the width of the town itself, maybe about a mile. then, you start seeing snow again. as in bare field, then snowcovered yard. they got 3-4 inches of snow on the other side of town. yeh. weird.

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