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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Autumn Bliss in Williamsburg

i recently returned from a perfect time in williamsburg, spent with two wonderful friends. just us girlsshopping, talking, eating, sightseeing, and drinking in the beauty of God's magnificent creation. we were blessed with three days of the most ideal autumn weather you could ask for.

sunday after church, with the car packed full, we were off.

ronda was our hostess, sharing her and her husband's beautiful time share with goldie and me. 

this was the view from the back balcony. a pond with a fountain...what more could you ask for?

we spent the first day shopping...all day. we hit the outlets, specialty shops, a tuesday morning, and even a goodwill. it was great. we were tired when we got back to our rooms, but still had enough energy to enjoy a delicious meal and watch some cooking shows on the food network.

the second day, a little more shopping and some sightseeing. ronda forced us to stop at a stamping and scrapbooking store. hehe

we ate lunch at "old chickahominy house", a lovely place with delicious southern food,

a gorgeous mantel in our dining room, 

and a beautiful gift shop... all decked out for christmas.

we spent the rest of the day in old williamsburg. we visited a garden and nursery, learning a lot from the gardener and getting to sample a variety of herbs. 

i love the wonderful buildings and beautiful tree lined streets.

and those inviting garden paths....sigh......

a few more shops at the end of the day. dusk comes early now.

such a totally lovely time. it went too fast.


Miss Gracie's House said...

That looks like a wonderful trip...so beautiful! Have a wonderful day of celebrating and giving thanks!

Karen said...

so glad you dropped by Places of my Heart, so I could visit you! What a fun trip and such a beautiful town. I would love to visit there one day. I also enjoyed looking at your wonderful pics, the leaf pictures were beautiful. Do stop in and visit again and I will do the same.

Brian Kenneth said...

I like the photo with the moon and the trees. Quite romantic feel to it.