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Monday, August 22, 2011

Why I Will Always Take My Camera With Me

picture this:   
a sunday drive, dirt road outside of great cacapon, west virginia. i'm driving, see a snake about 3 foot long moving across the road. noticing that this is not your runofthemill blacksnake, i stop, back up. gary says, "that's a copperhead!  no, wait, that's a timber rattler!"  i say, "holy cow...hand me my camera!".  being appropriately brave because i am inside the car, i pull the car up beside the snake, roll down the window, he obligingly coils up into this nice striking mode and i take his picture. how awesome is that?!   
now, for those of you from texas and other such exotic places, this might be an everyday occurance. but for me....this is priiiiitty dang cool.

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