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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Beautiful Day at Belleville

wednesday was a treat...for several reasons. first, we got to spend the day with our daughter, erin. i love spending time with my kids. what a blessing to enjoy them as adults. secondly, it was a gorgeous day. after seemingly unending days of heat and humidity, this was a jewel. the morning was cool and the highest temp in the day reached only 81, with a delightful "unhumid" breeze. we drove with the windows open and the wind in our hair. 
and thirdly, we went to belleville, pennsylvania...a farmers market and flea market in an area populated with many amish families. we try to go several times a year. i know it's a long way to go for a farmers market (a little less than 2 hours), but it's a nice drive and one of our favorite day trips. 

there are flowers....

photo by erin

(you better believe we came home with some of these!)


photo by erin

good things to eat....

 photo by erin

and good company....

what more could you ask for?

we go probably mostly for the produce. among other things, i bought 1/2 bushel of cucumbers for pickles, fresh off the wagon of an amish family, a watermelon, and homebaked wheat bread and rolls.
i didn't take a lot of crowd pictures, because it was difficult to avoid catching the amish. out of respect for their beliefs, i tried not to photograph them. it's difficult though. their simplicity and old world charm make them a desirable subject. i hope, however, their aversion to being photographed does not translate to their horses and buggies. i couldn't resist.

this adorable guy was caught napping with his chin resting on the fence.

i tried to sneak up quietly so as not to disturb him.  he opened his eyes just a slit, then closed them again and went on with his nap. 

after spending time at belleville we always head a few miles east towards reedsville where there is a row of shops with a big field beside it, where there is another open air flea market. both markets, belleville and reedsville, are only held on wednesdays. all the following photos were taken by erin.

don't you love how you can find almost anything at a flea market?

gee, i've been looking for a grenade....

"guess what...i gotta fever!  and the only prescription is more cowbell!"
(some of you will understand)

can you believe though, after all this, the only fleas i came home with was a silverplate knife and fork for 25 cents?  i just didn't find anything i wanted this time. who'da thunk?

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Erin said...

I loved that Italian ice. Could definitely eat some right now! Love the horse pictures too mom.