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Friday, August 26, 2011

Jeff and Cereal, and a Really Good Sandwich

it's so funny how the littlest things will spark a memory. i often think of my nephew jeff when i eat breakfast. jeff and my son adam are about the same age, and were real buddies growing up. when jeff stayed with us i had to be sure i had more than one kind of cereal available. if i set out, say five boxes of cereal, he had a bowl of a mixture of some of each. i used to laugh and shake my head. guess who now can not eat just one kind of cereal?  when i have cereal for breakfast, it's a bowl of spoonsize shredded wheat, cranberry almond crunch, and go lean crunch. topped with blueberries or bananas depending on what's available. i wouldn't think of eating just one kind at a time. 
cheers, jeff!

i've covered breakfast, so i want to share with you a delicious sandwich for lunch.  nothing earthshakingly new, but so good.  for years one of my favorite summer sandwiches has been toasted cheese and tomato. sorry...grilled cheese and tomato. i asked my grandkids once if they wanted a toasted cheese sandwich and they looked at me like i had two heads. anyway, next time you make one for yourself, add a layer of pesto. i didn't grow any basil this year so i just used store bought. i also used amish made whole wheat bread from my trip to the farmers market.  
talk about a yummers, easy sandwich. 

also, i've come to the conclusion that in order to become good at food photography one must not be hungry.  when shooting my cereal all i could think of was to get a couple good shots before it got soggy. i hate soggy cereal.
and while shooting the sandwich i hurried for a decent picture because i was starving and wanted to eat it while it was still hot. you really get a lot less choosy.
i need to work on my timing.   


Anita said...

Now that is a grilled cheese!! The cereal looks really good too, lol. I do low carb so I try to stay away from cereal, but when I get into a box of Honey Bunches of Oats with strawberries, It is gone quickly!! Thanks SO much for stopping by and for your sweet comments!!

Charlotte said...

I read your comment on Anita's blog and came here because of your name. My maiden name was Mills so I was curious. Your blog is beautiful. The photos are absolutely gorgeous.
Have a great day.