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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yet More Bargains

It probably seems that all I do is spend my days going to flea markets. Not true. I spend one day a week away from home, teaching piano lessons. During that time I often have cancellations, during which I run errands. I am fortunate to teach close to several thrift stores...Goodwill, Rescue Mission, and Salvation Army all being within a few minutes drive.  Price-wise, the Salvation Army thrift store is by far the best (and I just recently discovered it). 
On my last visit I made four purchases.

I bought 4 wine glasses...plain goblets with pretty swirled stems.  Unfortunately I gave them to daughter #2 before taking pics.  They were 15 cents apiece. I couldn't believe it. 
The 3 white ironstone plates were 25 cents apiece. I was tickled to find these, as I already had four in this pattern at home. There are no markings on the back of the plates.
The blue bowl was 75 cents and the silverplate knives 20 cents each. 
Total spent....$2.50 plus tax. 

I enjoy fleamarketing for several reasons.  The fun of the hunt. There are many times I walk out of the store with nothing. I don't buy just to buy. The economical aspect.  I'm saving money bigtime, and am still able to have very pretty things that I might otherwise not be able to afford. The whole "green" thing. I believe strongly in recycling. This is recycling usable and often beautiful items. Anything we can prevent from going into a landfill is a step in the right direction.

And did I mention, it's fun!!


Charity said...

I love your post! I especially love the last paragraph. I feel like I post so much about going to the thrift store, but when you have to buy something you just buy thrifty, and you can wait months before you find just what you wanted, and you saved it from the landfill! Amen to that! Thanks for sharing your link!

Lucille29 said...

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