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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yard Sale Heaven

Last Thursday I found the best yard sale I've ever been to. Most of the time I'm happy to find one or two items at a yard sale. I had some time to kill while my husband was at an appointment. Having noticed that we passed a yard sale about a mile back, that's where I headed.  This is my list of purchases.

* 3 small white oval bathroom rugs that look like they've never been used
* a 1/2 pound box of straight pins (that's a lot of pins)
* a neat vintage suitcase (that I already gave to daughter #2)
* a little Goofy bobblehead (for daughter #1 who collects him)

* two galvanized metal watering cans
* this great wire basket

* a pair of glass candle holders
* a heavy duty gingerbread man cookie cutter 
* a very cool set of nesting cookie cutters with choice of straight or scalloped 

Grand total?  You won't believe this...... $4.00
I know... unreal, isn't it.  Everything I bought was either 25 or 50 cents.

I had a blast.  I know...I'm easily entertained.



Lauren said...

I love the wire basket! Precious! Totally my style! :)

Carla G. said...

I would say that you ROCKED that yard sale! $4.00!! You found some awesome deals!! Congratulations!!