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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Unsolved Mysteries

Many years ago I was checking out the end-of-season 50% off plant sale at a local store. Amongst the sad looking half dead plants that were left, I found a very healthy looking perennial. Only one problem...no identification tag. Oh well, it was cheap and I thought it would be fun to see what it turned out to be. As of now I still have no idea what it is, lol! For years I've looked for it in plant books to no avail, and I have begun the internet search. But you know how that can be. Even typing in "white flowering perennial" you get "1 through 5" of 1,728,247 sources. So I still have a few sites to check out, ha ha. However, I thought perhaps there might be someone out in net world who knows what this is. Each flower is a single stalk, and it spreads like crazy. I like the plant, but you absolutely need to plant it where you can control it's growth. It sends runners out underground and can easily take over a bed.
I shall continue to investigate.

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Jenn H said...

Deb ~ this may be a type of Veronica? I saw something like it in a mix with pink and blue, called Veronica spicata "sightseeing" mix when I was looking through flower periodicals for my own garden this spring. There are many different shapes to the leaves and flowers in the veronica family, but there are some that look similar to what you've got. It is a perennial that spreads underground. Figured I'd throw that out there.