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Monday, July 11, 2011

Flitting and Fleas

I'm a flitter. Some people attack a project, finish it, then move on. I, on the other hand, flit from one thing to another. They usually get done, eventually, but in no particular order. This tends to create a rather messy lifestyle. But, there you have it.  I'm being honest. 

Projects I'm currently flitting between?  Cleaning out the attic for a yard sale. Spring cleaning the front porch, getting the stuff for it out of storage and decorating (yes, I'm a little late and only half finished on this one).  Redoing a flea market chair. Redoing the bathroom. Reorganizing my craft room. To mention a few. 

Each of these projects are appropriate for certain times of my day. Attic...when it's not hot. Front porch and bathroom...when I have energy (which really cuts down on the times I can work on these).  Chair and craft room...good projects for when I'm tired and need to sit down (when seems to be frequently, so these really should be finished by now).  (To be totally fair to me, I just started the craft room thing.)

The craft room reorganization subject brings me to a fun thrifting find from this past Friday. I took a half day to run errands and hit a few flea markets. It had been a while and I was going through withdrawal. 

I found these three glass candy containers at Goodwill for 99 cents apiece. They have an oval area for a label, which I haven't made yet, and nice snap-on metal lids.  Love these!  Great storage containers for kitchen or craft room. I chose craft room. 

Washed up and in use.

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