If you have two loaves of bread sell one and buy flowers. For although the bread will nourish your body, the flowers will nourish your soul.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Buffalo China and a Happy Woman

i wonder if my husband knows how lucky he is. i occasionally remind him.  :)

many woman need to be wined and dined, spend a fortune on clothes, want to travel to exotic places. not me. i'm a cheap date. a favorite thing to do?  take a drive on a pretty day, with no destination in mind, choosing a road never taken before, stopping on a whim if we see something interesting. it's especially fun if we happen to find a great flea market or yard sale.  recently i came home with this. a little dessert bowl in a pattern i've just recently found and fallen in love with.  i spent $1.   it made my day.   told you...cheap date.

"manhattan black" by buffalo china

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