If you have two loaves of bread sell one and buy flowers. For although the bread will nourish your body, the flowers will nourish your soul.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

One Project Accomplished

Remember this?

Just using this and adding bits and pieces of supplies I had on hand, I have my fall wreath finished.  

Please look past the faded and peeling door paint...that's to come. But I'm pleased with my wreath, especially since I didn't need to buy anything. Thanks Mom!

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LDH said...

Such a beautiful autumn wreath ~ it looks so nice on your door!

Thank you much for your concern for our dog, Raider! I talked with the Vet this evening and she feels Raider is doing a little better and having a little less pain. Our daughter, Erin, spent the whole day with Jared and he is doing better too. He still gets sad when he thinks about what happened. Aside from loving Raider, we want him to get better for Jared's sake too. I am itching/stinging and burning like crazy, but that should pass in a few days.

Your thoughts, prayers and concern mean so very much!
Thank you, dear blogging friend!

Kindly, ldh