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Thursday, October 21, 2010

And I Was Doing So Well....

...until yesterday.  I went shopping at the "House of Mom".  Mom and Dad cleaned out their attic, and Mom put everything she didn't want in the dining room. The table was full and overflowing onto the floor.  She scheduled a day that all four of us girls (three sisters and our sis-in-law) could come for a morning of choosing what we wantedand then she fed us a delicious meal.  
I went with the best of intentions. I wasn't going to bring much home...I'm in the process of purging.  I had adopted the philosophy of bring something in, take something out, and was doing pretty well.  I have several big boxes in another room that are being filled with yardsale and donation items, and I've even thrown things away!!!  Gasp!
Well, I didn't do so well with my resolve yesterday.

The easy stuff first.

Now, who could resist this beauty?  So 80's.  Contents dumped, container washed, and now a useful vase or candle holder. 

I needed a grapevine wreath to make a fall arrangement for the door and one can always use good quality silk greenery for arrangements. Right?

Next, the obvious choice.

Aren't these pretty?  They are sushi plates and small, but will service very well as dessert or bread plates and mix beautifully with my blue and white dishes. I couldn't pass them up, and the price was right.

These next items I have to admit, I really didn't need, and I really don't have room in my overcrowded china cupboard....

 but....they're so pretty!  And they aren't even washed yet.

I brought these home, too.  I love birds. The large one is kind of a funky planter and will go on the kitchen windowsill and be filled with the cilantro plant I just bought.  The paper mache ones will be used on a country style pine tree from A.C. Moore that I sometimes put up in the kitchen with the tiny white lights.

I can't even rationalize what's coming next.  I don't have any of this color in my home.  But nobody wanted them.  And I love transfer ware. They needed to go to a good home where their beauty would be appreciated and cared for.  I'll find room.

And this?...

Not my usual taste. Something I would probably never purchase, even though it's vintage tinsel.  But it was Meme Gamby's.   I'll use it somewhere, and love it.
I guess I'd better get busy and find some more stuff to get rid of.


Bill said...

Such a fun post! I would have brought home every single thing you did! Having said that, sometimes I worry that the attic will collapse and all my stored "treasures" will end up places I never intended. ;)

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


OOOhhh love your pink and white dishes. I bought several of them when we lived in England. Miss matched pieces are fun!