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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yes, I confess. I do have some. I have already confessed to my thing for chairs. I find a charming, inexpensive little wooden chair very difficult to pass up when flea marketing. Another weakness is dishes. If I had the room (a large butler's pantry with floor to ceiling shelves) I'd have a set of dishes for every holiday and occasion. By necessity I've had to curtail my impulses and narrow my choices down to a selective few. However, when it comes to blue and white plates I have little control. I had the day to myself on Saturday (the guys went to the Sportsman's Show). I did a little shopping at a Goodwill store and an antique/flea market. Some days you find a lot, some days not. Well, this was a good day: four beautiful blue and white salad plates for $10, six white dessert plates with blue and purple flowers for $3, two white ironstone oval serving platters for $4, two clear blue Corelle dessert plates for $1, two colorful and fun parrot themed melamine luncheon plates for $1.18 and a Pampered Chef star shaped baking tube for $2. For a grand total of...drum roll please...$21.18 plus tax!! Money I probably shouldn't have spent, but had so much fun doing so.

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~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I understand...I have a thing for clocks and magazines!
I love your buys you got some great deals.
So thrilled to see you on my blog!
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