If you have two loaves of bread sell one and buy flowers. For although the bread will nourish your body, the flowers will nourish your soul.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


And that title is to be sung as Tevye in Fiddler On the Roof sings it. My family puts great stock in traditions, especially in December. The initiation of the Christmas season begins usually on the first or second weekend of December with the annual "going for the Christmas tree". We always cut our own. This dates back to my husband's and my first date. I 'casually' asked of a group of teachers eating together in the lunch room if anyone knew of a place one could go and cut down her own tree (hoping that a particular phys ed teacher might know of such a place). Well, to make a long story short, he did, we went, and we were married the following August. Every year since, we've cut our own tree. The kids always loved going, and now kids, spouses, and grandchildren keep the tradition.

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