If you have two loaves of bread sell one and buy flowers. For although the bread will nourish your body, the flowers will nourish your soul.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Back, With a Spring In My Step

okay, maybe not a spring in my step yet, but with the potential of a spring. it has been an interesting year. a good one, too. but for the last couple years i have been more and more limited in what i can do because of arthritis in my left hip and right knee. when my orthopedic doctor looked at my x-rays he just shook his head. long story short, on tuesday march 6th i had a total hip replacement. and does it sound weird to say it has been a wonderful experience?  God is awesome. He has blessed me so amazingly...i can't begin to thank Him enough for His goodness.

 my daughter erin brought these beauties to me in the hospital and gave me a day at home, cleaning, working in my flower beds and cooking us dinner.

my many blessings include my husband and family, my dear friends, my church family and a terrific doctor and medical staff. everyone has been wonderful and has taken such good care of me. they've given up days to be with me, cooked and cleaned, run errands and....most importantly...prayed. 

 the andersons stopped in to see me and brought these beautiful carnations. i teach piano and voice to three of their six children and just love them. 

i feel great and have had very little pain. i could not ask for more. and on top of that, we've had the most glorious weather. i could go outside and bask in the sunlight every day. 
those that know me well, know of my love for flowers and have kept me surrounded with beauty. all the flowers in the photos have been from family and friends. 

 my sister jan brought this gorgeous basket to me in the hospital and then spent a day with me later at home, helping out and cooking us a delicious dinner.

my dear friends, goldie, ronda, and lois sent me these stunning lilies and iris. oh, they smell so good!

bill and birgitt, a special couple from church, sent these beautiful tulips.

my mom gave me a day, baking a cake and an apple pie, bringing soup...yum...and doing all those extra things a wonderful mom does. she's amazing.  my daughter andrea gave me a day before my surgery to spring clean my bedroom, which was a long overdue, huge job. i was so grateful. she also brought me home from the hospital and spent the rest of the day helping out, making lasagna for dinner.
four families in my church provided us with meals which were so abundant in amount that they translated into at least eight meals.
my cup truly runneth over. thank you, everyone!

i'm hoping that i will now be able to do more and be a little bit more like the old deb and get some things done. there are a lot of projects around here that have been put off for some time.

oh, and there's that wedding in july that i will now be able to walk and not hobble down the aisle for.

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