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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Tree Hunt

thirtyseven years ago, on december 11th, 1973, i had my first date with the man i would marry. the date was to find a christmas tree we could cut down ourselves. ever since, that is what we have done each year. as the kids came along they looked forward to that yearly tradition. it continues now with grandkids. we have changed locations several times as the trees disappear or get too big. i think next year we will have to again find a new location, as the tree farm we've been going to has not replanted and trees are getting scarce. however, we were able to find a pretty one...and it was $10 less because the selection is limited. cool. a beautiful day, too. 

my daughter erin is not taking a pic of my tree.  look closer.

part of the day's entertainment was watching my daughter andrea get her tree loaded onto her car. 

mem-ries, light the corners of my mind...sung ala tom hanks in "big". 

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Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com said...

Hi Deb, you will think this is crazy but funny. I was just reading Yvonne-Stone Gables comments since she was leaving...boohoo....saw your name and my mouth dropped open! My maiden name was Debbie Mills! I'm from the west coast, married for 31 years now, but laughed when I saw your name. Anyhow wanted to come by and say hello. Read your bio, and wanted to tell you that you have a lovely blog. I wish you well in blogging. It is certainly a fun way to meet other neighbors, friends and believers.