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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ah, Fall....!!

sunday was pretty much a perfect day. beautiful sunshine, a hint of autumn in the air, a fall festival, and all my family together for the day. the times i have all four of my kids home at the same time are rare and therefore very precious. i actually have five kids...jill is our unofficial adopted daughter. we love her and she's stuck with us.  :)

this was two tops weekend, our first of a couple months of fall festivals. good food, fleas, tractor shows, entertainment, pumpkins and gourds, crafts...it doesn't get any better than this. i didn't take pics because i didn't want to have to carry my camera. needed my hands free for fleas.  got some good ones, too.

a tin bowl full of napkin rings for $1.  yes, $1.

a set of 8 turkeys for thanksgiving!

i couldn't pass up this white ironstone covered bowl, despite a small chip in the lid. it was only $1, too.  it had to belong to someone's grandmother, and needed to be taken home and loved.

my 16th star votive candle holder for 75 cents. i've been finding and collecting these for years.  

i rummaged through a box of mixed utensils for silverplate. the box was marked 25 cents apiece, but when i took it to the seller, he gave it all to me for $3.  

a little silver polish and a little elbow grease.....

love this transformation!

my grand total....$5.75 !!  not bad.  oh yeah. add $3 for a bag of kettle corn. a fall festival must!


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