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Friday, June 5, 2009

A Miracle!

...to me, at least. The neat thing about this pic is what you don't see. Blackbirds, starlings, grackles, and cowbirds. Last weekend I told my husband I was thinking about stopping feeding birds. "All I'm doing anymore is feeding blackbirds." It had gotten to the point they were emptying the feeder at an astonishing rate and scaring away all the little birds. And all I was doing was making noise and chasing them away like a madwoman.
As a last resort, I got on the computer and googled "getting rid of blackbirds at feeders". I got three results: one- learn to appreciate blackbirds, grackles, etc. okay... no! two- buy or rig a feeder with a fencing cage around it (sold to protect against squirrels)...larger birds can't fit through. Okay...pretty good idea, a definite possibility. three- try safflower seeds. Most small and songbirds love it. Blackbirds, starlings, etc. don't have a taste for it. Hmm...interesting. So I bought some, put it out Sunday night. Monday morning, no black birds. Tuesday, no black birds. It's Friday and I've seen maybe three or four at the feeder all week. They check things out and take off...not interested. It's absolutely amazing to me. The cost per bag is a little more, but I'm not going through bird seed at the speed of light anymore so it will even out in the long run.
How cool is that?!


mudmaven said...

That is very cool and that cardinal is just beautiful! Wish we had those in Colorado! ~chris

Leslie Miller said...

Hmmmmm, I wonder about bluejays and mice? The big birds sure do make a mess! Interesting, Deb!

Cindy said...
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Cindy said...

Hi Deb,

It was me that deleted that last post. I had a typo. Anyway, I just was coming by to say hi and see what you have been up to and was treated to a beautiful picture of the cardinal in the bird feeder. We have a cardinal that every winter comes by and pecks on our family room window every morning and we are treated with those visits and the sites of her mate in our bird feeder. This year I saw a male cardinal but the female wasn't at our window and I missed her. Anyway, when you get a chance, stop by and visit this post. http://cindygrigiski.blogspot.com/2009/06/peace-high-top-card-and-blog-candy.html

Mothermark said...

Your blog is beautiful. I love your passion for all that you do. What a wonderful picture. Thanks for sharing!