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Monday, January 26, 2009

Okay, So Where In the Heck Is the Snow??????

I know...I used a euphemism (boy, did I ever have to look up the spelling of that one!) (and did you ever notice how hard it is to look up the spelling of a word in the dictionary when you don't know how to spell it in the first place?) (after exhausting the u's, I vaguely remembered that it might begin with eu) (and that leads to the whole subject of my belief that our language really should be spelled foneticly...uh, phonetically).
You see, this whole lack of snow thing is really doing a number on me. I'm totally discomboobulated. Most winters we have an occasional good snow, which doesn't last very long because of mild temperatures. This winter is the coldest I can remember for a while, but there hasn't been any snow. An occasional dusting at best, and I mean dusting. Can't we get the two together? We just need one big snowfall, and the cold would keep it around for the rest of the winter.
And I'm sure you've noticed my lack of a seasonal header picture. I'm really getting sick of this fall basket. My plan was to get a good winter photo from the first snowfall. Well......so much for that!

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Leslie Miller said...

That's funny, Deb! The lack of any pretty winter scenes is the whole reason I still have flowers in my blog header. I could photograph a soggy lawn and bare, gray tree, I suppose... but that wouldn't be very pretty. Soon the flowers will be appropriate again.